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About Chef Ronit

Hello, my name is Ronit Robbaz, I am an award winning chef, cooking teacher and owner of Open Table Catering, Byron Bay.

Cooking Classes

Ayurvedic cuisine 

Paleo Mediterranean 

Middle Eastern Feast

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Come join us on a culinary journey

Cooking Workshops & Classes for of All Levels

Cooking Workshops

 Each class includes an array of sumptuous dishes tailored to the theme of the class and offers a chance to learn to prepare a delicious feast to share at the end of class.

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Corporate Classes


Open Table’s corporate cooking classes offer a recipe for ‘cooking up’ group negotiation, communication and cooperation, delegation skills, social skills and bonding over shared achievement.

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Cooking Events


Our cooking events are a fabulous way to combine catering and entertainment creating a perfectly enjoyable experience tailored exactly to your tastes and requirements.

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“Food brings us together and as a universal language crossing cultures and ages, speaks to us of who we are, where we have come from, and where we are going. ”
- Ronit Robbaz

Open Table Cooking School Chefs

Different chefs will be introduced in the next few weeks, watch this space …
Ronit Robbaz

Ronit Robbaz

Head Chef Open Table Catering


111 Lagoon Dr | Myocum/Byron Bay, NSW, 2481 | Australia | Ph: 02-6684 3013| Mob: 0414 878 290

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