Cooking Workshops

Each workshop is a culinary journey where you learn to
cook dishes that tantalise the senses !

Cooking Workshops

Dive into the heart of Open Table catering kitchen, where award winning chef Ronit Robbaz will be offering variety of workshops for all lovers of food from vegetarian to flexitarian and what’s in between! Travel on a gypsy journey of the senses and gain inspiration from dishes from all over the world creating an authentic banquet.

From the basics of spice selection and combination and the fundamental condiments essential to each type of cooking, to substantial key pieces for the table, the workshops explore a delicious array of food using locally grown, unprocessed and mostly organic produce. 

All our cooking classes offering you a chance to enjoy fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits from Open Table garden and a bounty of locally sourced produce from our talented farmers and producers who share our sustainable food philosophies, ensuring each cooking class is a celebration of flavours and local produce.
Workshop participants will create a selection of dishes for daily use and also for special occasions, concluding daily with a feast from our glorious banquet table.

Everyone is Welcome to our Cooking School



An authentic Moroccan banquet will be created on the day including dishes like tagines, condiments for daily use and special occasions.



Ayurvedic cuisine classes


Ayurveda is more than a medical system, it is a ‘science of life’, teaching principles and practices that help us live a life of greater depth, health and happiness. Food is at the very heart of this journey.



 Mediterranean Feasts


This class includes dishes for daily use and also for special occasions with the emphasis on Healthy, paleo based and plant-based diets.



Healthy Mediterranean


This class includes dishes for daily use and also for special occasions with the emphasis on Paleo and plant-based diets.



Middle Eastern feast


Together we will journey through the creation of an authentic Middle Eastern feast, learning how to approach this wonderful cuisine with thousands of years of cultural tradition behind it.



Vegetarian celebrations


In this class we will prepare gorgeous plant based meal ideas that are grown locally, unprocessed and mostly organic. You will learn how to create dishes that are healthy and delightfully tasty too.



“Vegan Banquet and Kitchen Farmacy”


This workshop is for all lovers of vegetarian and vegan food. Tantalise your taste buds as we explore a delicious array of plant-based dishes.





Made by Our Students

From Our Students

Ronit – your warmth radiates through the beautiful food you served and taught us to cook. It was a lovely day had by all and your shopping tips and cooking hints were greatly appreciated. Thank you.  Mediterranean Feast – May 18,  Melbourne
-Shelley Schade

Been to many cooking classes but never one like this. The quality of the produce, the explanation of the interactions of ingredients and the depth of flavours were incredible. Thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the class and the expertise and ease that Ronit presented with. Would definitely sign up for more classes.  Paleo Med- May 18, Melbourne
-Tammy Roth

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