Will you be throwing a big bash for New Year’s Eve? Make sure to wow the guests with a feast they’ll never forget.

The idea of catering for a big group can be daunting. Preparing food in such high volumes is a totally different ball game to a couple of friends over for a small dinner gathering. Throw in the many different dietary requirements that are more common these days and you’ve got yourself a lot of planning and prepping to do!

However, with a bit of strategic planning, catering for an event yourself can be a lot of fun.

1. Confirm Guest Numbers

Make sure you confirm the guest numbers before you decide on the final menu.

You should also ask guests to inform you of any dietary requirements, so you can make sure everyone has something to eat, regardless of their food intolerances and dietary choices.

2. Consider The Event Style

Is it a formal event or casual? If it’s formal, then sausage rolls and potato wedges might not be the best option! Will guests be standing or sitting? If it’s casual and they are standing, canapes and small bites that don’t require cutlery are great.

3. Choose Popular Tastes

When feeding a big crowd, it’s wise to stick to food and ingredients that are commonly popular. Delicacies and ingredients that are strange and different are usually not won over by the masses. You want your guests leaving satisfied, not hungry!

4. Work Out How Much

Now that you have confirmed the number of guests and the dishes you want, it’s time to work out the quantities of ingredients. Back to math class to figure this one out OR there are some handy online calculators to help

5. Preparation Is Key

Get as much done beforehand that you can. Clear out your fridge and clean your kitchen and make sure you have plenty of clean space to store and finish all the dishes. This ensures you keep stress levels low on the day and you aren’t running around trying to sort things.

6. Call In The Recruits

Ask your friends and family for help. Most of the time they are more than happy to lend a helping hand.


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