The Moors were a nomadic group of people from North Africa. They were originally from a region in North Africa called Mauretania. They had a huge influence on cuisines across many regions from the Middle East, to the Mediterranean and Spain. The ubiquitos term ‘Moorish Food’ has been assigned to many dishes we eat today.

Nowadays, we can find hints of Moorish food everywhere we go. Ingredients such as Za’taar, preserved lemons and hummus are very common in many restaurants.

The Moorish influence is seen in these countries as many of the olive trees  were first planted by the Moors. They also introduced Almond trees and first planted crops of sugar, mint, spinach and aubergines. Spices are probably one of the most famous things that the Moors brought with them.

Cumin, coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg and aniseed are all major flavours from the Moors. One of the most influential Moorish spices is Saffron.

Moorish food is can be commonly served as a wide range of mezze to start. Mezzze meaning small, savoury dishes served as appetizers or accompaniments to drinks. is from smoky baba ganoush, lemon-sharp tabouleh with fresh herbs, a fattoush or bread salad dusted with tangy sumac, vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs, creamy hummus, delicate pastries stuffed with cheese, spinach or meat, chicken livers and fried kibbeh coated in crunchy, cracked wheat and lamb kebabs served with preserved lemon.

There is no denying the massive influence that the Moors have had on many dishes and flavours that are now available across the world. We have a lot to thank them for it seems.

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